Win in Clash Royale by managing elixir with your brain

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Clash Royale is a game that is based on battles and winning battles is based on spell cards.

Spell cards are many types: Poison, Zap, Freeze, The Log, Rocket, Goblin Barrel, Mirror, Fireball, Arrows, Lightning and Rage. Each one of them has his power and will help you in the battles in different situations. You just need to know how and when to use them.

We will start by talking about Poison Spell Cards. As its name says, this Poison Card uses Poison to attack the enemy. This spell card will put the enemy in a toxic air. With this card you can also attack the buildings. Your enemies and their buildings will be slowly destroyed, but it doesn’t damage the “nature”. Get more cards by using a Clash Royale hack. You can easily generate as many resources as you need.

You can unlock this Poison Spell Card from the Arena 5. Think about the fact that you need 4 Elixir to use it.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is an element you need in the battle to can use your spell cards. In each battle you can have maximum 10 Elixir, so use them only after you think a lot how to use them to win the battle! You will start the game with 5 Elixir and you will gain more during the game! To make sure you win, get the best cards with the lowest elixir demand from a clash royale triche that can be found online.

With this Poison Card Spell your enemies will be surrounded by poison and they will have a constant damage. It has an orange color and it will make the enemies have a reduced attack speed and more than that they will have a reduced movement.

Poison Card Spell was introduced from 29/2/2016, so it is new and you need some time to learn how to use it to have a good result. During the time this spell card suffers some developments to help players have a better game.

Goblin Barrel Spell Card is a very nice one because if you activate it three Goblins will be spawned on the Arena. You can unlock this card in Arena 1 in a stadium named Globin Stadium. It is cost a little less than Poison Card Spell: 3 Elixir. Make your way up to the top with the newest clash Royale Hacks released on the web.

clash royale cards

You can use this Globin Barrel Spell Card to eliminate the effect of a Tombstone or of a Globin Hut (this is the buildings used for Globin). You can use this together with Zap because Zap is the best option you can use for counter the Globin barrel. You have many options of Globin: Spear Globins, Globins and Valkyrie.

A Globin Card Spell that is a simple one you need only 2 Elixir to activate it.

For a Valkyrie Card you need 4 Elixir. It is the best for Skeleton Army. Skeleton Army is another card you can use if you unlock it at the Training Camp from the Tutorial. Beside these training cards, suit up with more by using the resources you can generate from a clash royale hack.


The conclusion is that you need to know every secret of each one of your cards to know how to use them well. If you learn about them first you can use them better than if you use them without getting some information first. All you need to do is to return to our website to learn more usefully things about Clash Royale1

Battlefield Series – Ultimate Battlefield Experience

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The debut game of Battlefield i.e. The Battlefield 1942 was released in 2002 as a shooter game. The series featured a focus on large maps, vehicle warfare, team works than most other first-person shooter games. The series is played and adopted by more than 50 million players worldwide. The music in all series have recognizable 6-beat sting.

With the release of Battlefield Hardline the series contains a new cops-vs.-Robbers theme. A class system is there within all the Battlefield series each class featuring a different type of weapon which becomes a primary weapon along with different equipment thus differentiating the roles on the battlefield.


The melee ability with the use of knife to knock down enemies has always been present in the Battlefield games. Battlefield series have included an award of dog tags for each enemy that is killed using knife by player.

The Battlefield 1942 using refractor 1 engine was released in 2002 followed by Battlefield 1942: The road to come in 2002, Battlefield 1942: secret weapons of WWII in 2003 and so on latest available to play being released in 2015 named as Battlefield Hardline Robbery.

The Story Revolving

The first game so released i.e. Battlefield 1942 introduced the “conquest” gameplay mode in which you can find players fighting for control points. Battlefield Vietnam released in 2004 moved the settings and features of games to Vietnam War having an updated refractor version and incorporating the various gameplay improvements and thus introduced the fire personal weapons. Moving forward the version released in 2005 depicting war between united states fighting china and fictional Middle Eastern Coalition.


The next version of Battlefield featured a global ice age in 22nd century while the graphics were similar to Battlefield 2. The release of expansion pack brought features like new maps, vehicles and a new game mode. The 2008 version of Battlefield known as Bad Company featured “B” company’s escapades searching for hidden gold. The sequel of Bad Company released in 2010 involves “B” company’s escapades searching for EMP weapon. The version so released further enables to have pricing structure of Heroes.

More about Battlefield

The Battlefield series holds the large commercial success selling the copies worldwide and becoming the game among the best games worldwide. The Battlefield series introduced the world to a new way of playing first person shooters game. The game features the fictional world war as a back drop. Battlefield 2 series holds a share of negative reviews because of bugs and glitches but maximum of the bugs has been fixed in the further releases. Battlefield 4 upcoming sequel worth time, money and efforts but only if the person don’t get disturbed by violence as it beholds graphic violence not recommended for kids.

Developers- EA DICE

Publishers- Electronic Arts

Platforms- Microsoft windows, Play station 4,3, & 2, Xbox one, OS X, Xbox 360.